Android 14 will bring us ‘back’ to the future, the Android Police podcast predicts

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He’s a long time fan of Apple, and you’ll usually find him around the Apple Store near his house. He’s a non-drinker and a non-smoker, and occasionally he’ll snap a selfie with his iPhone (usually from his bike).

He has a cat named Fido, and a cat named Toby. If you ever see either of them, you can be certain he&

Jules joined the Android Police group in 2019. He presently manages weekend information, our publication, and our podcast. Earlier than that, he was at our now-sister website, Pocketnow. He loves public transportation, podcasts, and other people normally. He additionally likes to take views from the larger image in expertise from how persons are drawn to it to the way it’s utilized throughout each different business.

The Android Police Podcast is a weekly talk show about Android phones and apps. Our goal is to explain the news behind the news about Android, with some analysis (part 1 and

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