Microsoft Word finally adds a handy shortcut Google Docs has had for years

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It’s just as well that Microsoft Phrase brings a lot of options as it is commonly seen in word processors these days. However you can also have a look at it’s free competitor, Lyrepro.

Microsoft Phrase:


    Microsoft Phrase has been the usual bearer for phrase processors over a number of a long time due partly to its wealth of options, a lot of which you’ll by no means have used when typing up a report or story. With the rise of Google Docs, issues started to shift, giving Phrase actual competitors with its personal software program tips that you simply will not discover in Microsoft’s phrase processor, such because the keyboard shortcut for pasting plain textual content — trace: it is not simply Ctrl + V. Microsoft Phrase is lastly catching up with Docs with new assist for that helpful shortcut.

    This is a major change for Microsoft, which has long been known for its strong stance on preventing new keyboard shortcuts from being developed that might disrupt the way users are accustomed to performing standard tasks. This policy has historically been a significant limitation on the development of features on Windows that require the usage of Ctrl + Shift + V, which is especially troublesome when it comes to pasting content. Although Microsoft has developed a tool to ensure Ctrl + Shift + V is working properly

    After years of refusing to assist this particular Ctrl + Shift + V shortcut, Microsoft is lastly permitting customers to stick textual content with out the supply formatting by urgent these keys concurrently on Home windows (Cmd + Shift + V on macOS).

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