One of the best podcast services is about to get its own Wear OS app

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The Pocket Casts devs opened up development of dedicated Wear OS app last year

Pocket Casts is one of the most popular podcast apps for Android, with over 7 million downloads. The service supports an impressive number of podcast platforms and is available on both Android and iOS. Pocket Casts has also been updated for Wear OS for a while, with a basic version of the app launched back in 2017. Now the app has been updated to include full support for the OS, including a Wear OS companion app and a full Wear OS version of the app

Pocket Casts is among the best podcast apps out there, supporting both Android and iOS. The contentious changes to the app several years ago and the corresponding ownership changes are well documented, but beneath these controversies, Pocket Casts is still a solid podcasts app. One thing missing from Pocket Casts’ solid portfolio is a Wear OS app, though. There was an app back in the days of Android Wear, but its development was halted amidst the aforementioned change of owners. It looks like a Wear OS app is close to release at this point, though, with the devs behind the service opening a GitHub thread last year detailing the current state of development.

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