The top 11 Samsung One UI features to try on your Galaxy phone

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If you are looking for the best features on a Samsung device, you should look no further than One UI.

Smooth transitions

One UI has introduced a new transition animation to make your transition from one page to another seamless and fast. You can find the quick transition feature in the notification shade and app drawer. The transition isn’t as fancy as Samsung Edge UI, but it is definitely an improvement

Gone are the days when Samsung was infamous for the TouchWiz Android skin. The company’s One UI software skin has received positive responses from users and reviewers. With a long list of features, smooth performance, and timely updates, One UI has become the prime reason to get a top Samsung Galaxy phone over its rivals. Here are the best One UI features you should use on your Samsung Galaxy device. For example, you could set up a routine to turn off the lights and heat up your room if the temperature outside drops below 18′. Or you could have it turn the lights on and heat up the room when the weather is sunny.

1 Automate tasks with Routines

Samsung removed Bixby branding from Routines. It’s now a part of the device Settings app. You’ll find the option under Modes and Routines. You can create any number of automations that perform selected actions exactly when you need them.

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