18 best keyboard-compatible Android games for ChromeOS

Sure, plenty of the best Android games run on an assortment of fan-favorite Chromebooks, but since these games are primarily programmed to run on a touchscreen, there aren’t many that offer keyboard and touchpad support. This is precisely why we here at AP have compiled a list of the best Android games that indeed offer keyboard support on Chromebooks, providing a more classic way to play your favorite Android games. So if you’ve been on the hunt for titles you can play with the help of a keyboard, this roundup is for you. Enjoy!

1 SuperTuxKart

SuperTuxKart is a free and open-source kart racing video game themed after a few icons in the open-source community. Think Mario Kart, but with Linux, BSD, and Mozilla characters. It’s been around for years, but only just recently was it ported to Android. Of course, since this was initially a desktop game, the keyboard controls have remained intact. They will even be explained to you as you are playing, which is very helpful for those that are new to the game.