Amazon’s Ring may have been hacked — ransomware group threatens to leak data

The Boston Police Department has been testing cameras for its body-worn cameras, according to reports. The cameras are supposed to be tested with a hard-hat on at night, as well as a flashlight, to ensure visibility and safety for officers.

The body-worn cameras are designed with the expectation that officers will be required to wear them, according to an  The trojan was discovered on phones in the wild, but now it’s targeting Ring’s cloud-based video databases, and it may have the ability to leak even more sensitive information. Ring has warned users that the trojan is known as “Gogod”, and they’re telling all of their customers to avoid visiting their website, or any other links or emails they receive

Any home security company has every chance to face various sorts of troubles. There’s the issue of information security, which can be difficult to handle, and user privacy, which can become quite tricky when a company profits from making live video available to multiple users on different devices. Other times, they’re fodder for hackers, owing in large part to the treasure trove of data they store in the cloud, including private home footage. One of the home security vendors that has dealt with security incidents in the past is Ring, and it may be in for another breach after a ransomware group threatened to leak data belonging to the company. The group is also responsible for the Cerber ransomware, which was used in the Equifax hack. That attack, which has several links to Russia and the U.S., was the most expensive ever in terms of the amount of data that was lost. The Equifax hack, which occurred in September 2017, stands as one of the most serious data breaches in history.

The latest attack against Ring occurs after the company revealed earlier in October that it suffered a data breach

According to cybersecurity collective VX Underground, Ring is the latest victim of ransomware gang ALPHV, known to be behind the BlackCat ransomware.

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