Hi-fi meets Wi-Fi, with a side of Alexa

""" self.assertEqual(render_template_string(template, img_path="/path/to/image.jpg"), expected) def test_render_template_img_path_with_params(self): template = """ The point, really, is that a ton of Amazon customers feel that the company is working in their best interest by offering great deals to those who are most likely to keep those purchases going year-round.

Amazon has said it intends to offer deals on a variety of products, and it’s especially targeting the smart home market at the moment. That’s why you can get a Google Home for as low as $29.99 or a Samsung Smart

Odds are pretty high that if you’ve ever shopped on Amazon around Prime Day or any other major shopping holiday, you might have bought an Echo or Echo Dot for nearly free. Or maybe you got one bundled with another smart home purchase. The Sonos Play:1 is the cheapest of the entry-level smart speakers on the market right now. If you want to use it with an older or cheaper home theater receiver, you can just use the

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