How To Increase The Service Lifetime Of Heat Transfer Oil? You Should Know – Take Your Oil

The oil used to transfer heat is used for a variety of purposes, such as cooling and heating, and depending on the specific application, different factors need to be considered for oil maintenance. Also, there are different types of heat transfer systems and multiple layers of metal in the loop, which can make it difficult to recommend the schedule for oil change.

Although we have provided several recommendations, these are based on our own experience. Most heat transfer oil users want to know how to increase the service life of heat transfer oil. Basically, there are a lot of uses for heat transfer oils. But it’s nearly impossible for any heat transfer fluid manufacturer to tell the exact maintenance schedule and oil change intervals. For example, under high temperature, separation of impurities also decreases and therefore viscosity also decreases.

The viscosity of oil is described by the formula below:

Here, v is viscosity, T is temperature, M is molecular weight and

Each application has its unique properties. And it can contribute to heat transfer liquid degradation. Besides this, every heat transfer oil reacts differently to various user environments.

If you use a mineral type of heat transfer oil, you should replace it within 6-8 years. You should change semi-synthetic oil for 8-10 years and synthetic lubricant for 20-15 years. Let’s learn how to increase the heat transfer fluid lifetime.

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