This country’s new legislation will let you get rid of pre-installed bloatware on your phone

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The new rule is slated to come into effect in the next two months, according to the Economic Times. It will require phones to be “certified by an Indian agency”, and updates must be approved by a “certifying authority”. This is all part of a larger government effort to tackle the country’s growing problem with fake and dangerous apps. Last year, a Reuters report mentions that the rule may be rolled out to other countries. A previous rule in the US would require manufacturers to allow you to uninstall critical apps that come pre-

A report from Reuters cites anonymous government officials, detailing upcoming and yet-to-be-announced rules that would force manufacturers to let you uninstall any apps preloaded on the device. It’s unclear if there will be exemptions for apps critical to system stability, safety, and functionality, like app stores, browsers, cameras, and payment apps. An executive in the smartphone industry told the publication that drawing a distinction between these is critical.

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