TuneIn’s new radio discovery feature is now available in the mobile app

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Now you can add your favorite stations to your TuneIn Explorer favorites from the TuneIn Explorer app menu

Now you can quickly jump to the quick select menu from the TuneIn Explorer app menu

Now you can quickly jump to Favorites from the TuneIn Explorer app menu

Now access TuneIn Explorer directly from the app As you’ll see in the video below, the new feature is available in tandem with TuneIn’s native apps.”

The new Google Play app is entitled TuneIn Radio and is available now for free. The iOS version is coming out next week, according to the company. TuneIn Explorer, which is available in all of the TuneIn apps, is described as the following:

While many predicted radio to die a slow, painful death with the advent of television, that wasn’t the case. In fact, radio platforms continue to thrive, even with the supercharging of smartphone technology. The folks at TuneIn understand this notion pretty well and have evolved accordingly to offer one of the best Android apps out there. Its makers recently rolled out the exciting new global radio discovery feature known as TuneIn Explorer, offering a detailed map view of radio stations from all over the world, with a selection of over 100,000 stations. While this feature was exclusive to the web version of TuneIn until now, the company announced Monday that it’s now making its way to the TuneIn Radio apps on Android and iOS.

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