Waze can now find charging stops that support your EV

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(They’ve also been working on integration with their Waze-based traffic data, but that’s less interesting to us.)

Waze has an insane number of customers, so they’re able to make a pretty good guess at the travel times to locations, based on drivers’ normal speed and route, to give you an estimate of how long it will take to get

Range anxiety is somewhat of a fact of life on long-distance road trips in an EV, but smart planning about charging stops along the way can help. While we’ve seen plenty of efforts to help users locate chargers that are compatible with their vehicle, from Google Maps itself, to dedicated apps like PlugShare, the trickier problem has been integrating that data with your route, when you’re already in the middle of a trip. Beating Google Maps to the punch, Waze has now announced its own EV-charger-routing solution.

There’s still a catch. Users need to set their location as a destination in the route planner. Then, when their destination offers charging, their destination’s name will turn green. (You can also see the name of the charger in the search results.)

The feature will be available in the US, UK, Israel, Brazil, and South Africa. Waze wonR

In February, we reported Google Maps would soon support planned EV charging stops. While we’re still waiting for that, Waze just announced official support for the feature. You just need to enter your electric car make, model, and plug type in the app’s settings to find compatible charging stations in your vicinity and along your route.

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