Which Engine Oil Is Better? – Take Your Oil

Most dirt bikes and motorcycles can use a similar oil to lubricate the clutch and engine. The oil you choose should exhibit good frictional properties; otherwise, your clutch may slip.

Passenger car/light-truck oils contain friction modifiers because of improved fuel economy. That’s why these types of oils are not recommended for wet-clutch applications. Instead of them, you can use JASO MA or JASO MA2 oil. But JASO MA vs. JASO MA2, which oil can I use? Let’s compare them.

What Is JASO MA Oil?

This JASO ma oil is a motorcycle oil with wet clutch properties. These oils provide the necessary friction performance to prevent the clutch from slipping. Yet, you can use this oil in 4-stroke motorcycle engines. It’s because this engine comes with an oil system for the clutch, motor, and gearbox.