YouTube TV’s multiview is every sports fan’s dream come true

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  2. The new feature lets users filter live streams by sport, and immediately gets to the relevant stuff. It does this by showing you only the streams you’re interested in, and also by showing you only the streams that are actually happening at the moment you check the guide. (You can still see all the streams by following the link to the full live guide).

    Streaming sports is a growing trend, and the list of options

    YouTube TV earned its spot as the most popular live streaming service in the US with help from features like a polished live guide and high bitrate video, but for many users, its wide selection of sports content is what got them to subscribe. Just in time for March Madness, Google is unveiling a new feature that will take the FOMO out of those days when multiple live events are happening simultaneously. 

Why does this story matter?

Because it’s yet another example of the ways in which automation and algorithmic decision-making are already starting to erode our decision-

A new multiview feature will allow YouTube TV subscribers to stream up to four channels at the same time, with the option to easily switch between audio feeds and closed captions by using your d-pad to highlight the event you want to follow the closest. You’ll even be able to switch from the multiview layout to a full screen view of one feed and back. There is a catch, however: multiview streams will be pre-selected by YouTube TV, meaning you can’t mix and match any four programs of your choosing.

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