2 Zoom

Zoom is a video-conferencing app that lets you join meetings. It’s a helpful tool when you need to schedule a physical meeting, otherwise it’s a really powerful tool for making a video call. The app has a simple design, but it’s a great tool for making meetings quickly. With

1 WhatsApp Business

Opening with a familiar name, you might think that using WhatsApp as an efficient business tool sounds silly. WhatsApp Business, however, is an app specifically made to benefit small businesses, allowing quick and efficient communication with customers worldwide. The app achieves this by using automation to sort through messages and respond quickly. In addition to being free to use, WhatsApp Business lets users display products on the service for potential customers to browse. Automation works seamlessly with manual messaging to create a business model that maintains its human element while allowing the algorithm to handle the heavy lifting. If you want to improve your business efficiency but don’t want to leave the WhatsApp comfort zone, this is worth a look.

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