Angry Birds 2 and Garena Free Fire are coming to Google Play Games for PC

As noted by Android Police, Google Play Games for PC has a lot of potential to drive more users to Android and eventually to Android games, which would in turn help Google grow its installed base further. It remains to be seen how quickly developers will jump on the opportunity. And, of course, the platform is still in its infancy. But the fact that Google is testing this out is a good sign of things to come.

Google launched its own app store for Android games on Windows in 2022. Google Play Games for PC remains in beta over a year after it first went live despite several improvements, including a lower barrier for running the games. In November last year, the program made its way to the US, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, and several other countries. At the Google for Games Developer Summit, the company announced further expansion of Play Games for PC to new regions. Some popular games are also making their way to the platform, with Google rolling out many developer-centric changes to boost adoption.

You can download the Play Games app from the Windows Store. Let us know in the comments if you’re a Play Games user.

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