Best games for couples in 2023

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1. Warriors vs Zombies

Warriors vs. Zombies is your typical clash between good and evil, with a heavy dose of fantasy thrown in for good measure. It’s a stunning game

Over the years, technology has vastly grown, and games have diversified heavily, opening up the realm of possibilities for digital inclusion in hobbies. And when it comes to balancing your time between your favorite hobbies and your significant other, it can be a real ordeal. But it’s no secret that cultivating a healthy relationship between couples means being open about your passions. Thankfully, the advantage of playing great multiplayer games on mobile means most budget Android phones are already well-equipped to handle them, so accessibility isn’t a concern. So to make the most out of your experiences without spending too much, we’ve rounded up a list of some of the best Android games that let you share and bond with your partner.

Materials Needed

  • Game box
  • 1,000 pieces of paper
  • 6 sheets of card stock
  • 1 pair scissors
  • 1 sharpie
  • 3-4 markers
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    1 Spaceteam

    Communication is essential to building a healthy relationship, but what about during intense situations where you’re already yelling at the top of your lungs at your partner? Spaceteam is a shouting game where you and your partner (supports up to 8 players) coordinate to save yourselves from a failing ship in a crisis; each player is given time-sensitive instructions with a custom control panel, requiring teamwork to finish tasks successfully. This game will teach you how to have a blast (quite literally), all while solving problems.

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