Firefox 111 for Android is here to block cross-site tracking

Firefox is a free, open-source web browser. It is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. Firefox uses the Gecko layout engine to render web pages, which implements current and anticipated web standards.

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As with Chrome, the browser’s focus is on privacy and performance. Mozilla’s new Android version is optimized for the Android 13 WebView and its enhanced security and privacy features. The update also improves the browser’s overall performance and comes with a few new features, including PDF and Google Docs support built right into the browser.

Firefox is now the only major

Google Chrome is the most popular browser on Android, but there are plenty of other web browsers on the Play Store worth trying. Mozilla Firefox is one of them, and thanks to its partial support for extensions, it ranks among our favorite web browsers for Android. Just like Chrome, Mozilla rolls out major Firefox updates once a month with new features and underlying changes. After picking up one of Android 13’s nicest features in February, Mozilla has released Firefox 111 for Android with cross-site blocking enabled by default.

If you have turned off Enhanced Tracking Protection and want to know more about the new TCP features, be sure to read our article on and watch this short video about TCP.

Total Cookie Protection (TCP) debuted as an optional incognito mode feature in 2021. A year later, in February 2022, Mozilla rolled out Total Cookie Protection (TCP) to all its users by default on Windows and Macs. The privacy-oriented feature confines cookies to the site they were created on, thereby preventing them from tracking you across websites. This is made possible by using separate cookie storage for each site.

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