Google introduces free, near-instantaneous game translation service for devs



. It is also for developers who want to fix their existing translations for free. On the other hand, it does not help those who need to add new features or fix bugs. If you are one of those, then you might be better off with a paid service.

This might be great for developers who can’t afford the existing paid translation service Google already offers

If you’re a larger game studio, you’ve got more resources and can afford to use a more expensive option. But if you’re a developer who’s not sure whether you can afford Google Translate, this tool could be a fantastic option.

Translate Game Text


The most popular games on the Google Play Store are available in multiple languages. If you really want your game to grow, you can’t have dialogs and menu items in just one language. But if you’re a small developer, you might not be able to afford translation services, and unless you know multiple languages, your hands are pretty much tied. That’s exactly where Google’s latest developer tool comes in. Google has announced an addition to the Google Play Console that hooks into Google Translate, helping translate in-app text in your games into more languages, near instantaneously and free.

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