Google is flirting with ChatGPT-like capabilities for Docs and Gmail

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As part of its vision for the future of its AI and cloud-based productivity tools, Google has announced the company plans to incorporate generative AI into its Workspace applications by the end of the year. Google will leverage the open-source machine learning framework TensorFlow to build these AI applications. The company’s homegrown framework will help the company to scale these generative AI applications and make them available for use across Google’

Since late last year, OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology has hogged headlines for its ability to mimic human speech and generate human-like text. The machine-learning-fueled chatbot is capable of spinning up generic drafts, song lyrics, and even news articles, luring millions of people into signing up for the program. Because of its meteoric rise to fame, Google has become concerned about the future of its search business, so it’s now revealing a slew of generative AI features that it plans to incorporate into some of its Workspace productivity tools. These include the ability to generate summaries (like a reading comprehension assistant), smart formatting (like automatic bolding and italicizing), and smart tables (like auto-adjusting column widths and inserting tables at the appropriate times).

These AI capabilities are based on the same technology that powers Google Translate, Google’s real-time language translation tool. It’s only a matter of time before AI features are added to the other Google

Google has revealed that it will incorporate generative AI into Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Meet, and Chat. Starting this month, Gmail and Docs will be the first to get a taste of AI-powered writing features.

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