Samsung’s Galaxy A54 5G is just the right amount of phone for 2023


The Galaxy A54 is the first Galaxy phone to come with an in-display fingerprint sensor. The sensor is located in the bottom area of the phone’s display. It’s a 16MP camera that is not aligned perfectly with the one on the Galaxy S10.


A Samsung representative confirmed that the Galaxy A

The device will be available in blue and midnight green. The Blue Color 5G variant costs \$849, and includes 64GB of storage. The midnight green variant, which is set to go on sale on June 20 and will also include 128GB of storage for \$960. Now, for the important specification details. The A54 5G features a 6.7′ IPS display and a glass back for the same design we got to know and love last year

We might be head over heels for Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra, but with a starting price of $1,200, it might be too expensive for some Android fans to justify for a smartphone. Thankfully, the Galaxy A-series offers some excellent mid-range alternatives, affordable devices that get the basics right — and then some. Samsung already impressed us with this year’s Galaxy A14 5G, and today, it’s updating one of our favorite budget phones of last year. The Galaxy A54 5G is here, with pre-orders set to go live later this month. the file in a text editor.

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