T-Mobile acquires Ryan Reynolds’s Mint Mobile in $1.35 billion deal

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Today, Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile are being rebranded as part of T-Mobile and have been given a new icon and name, T-Mobile One.

Where is this going?

There are a few things to note here. First off, T-Mobile is not acquiring the two MVNOs. Instead, it’ll be taking over their existing business and services. Mint Mobile

T-Mobile operates an MVNO called Metro by T-Mobile that lets you buy prepaid smartphones and plans while giving you access to T-Mobile’s network for as low as $25 a month. As of today, though, your choices are expanding. T-Mobile has just unveiled plans to acquire of a duo of MVNOs — Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile — which are now officially joining the magenta family.

If all goes according to plan, T-Mobile will acquire both MVNOs on April 30th and launch an app for their combined network of over 8 million customers. This will be the third and final major component of T-Mobile’s rebranding. The long-anticipated launch of the service was delayed after the US’s third-largest wireless carrier ran into a series of issues with the FCC over the

T-Mobile has announced that it’s officially purchasing Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile as part of a buyout of their parent company, Ka’ena Corporation, for a total of $1.35 billion. Mint Mobile is notable for the involvement of Ryan Reynolds, who bought a stake in the MVNO in 2019, but it initially started as a subsidiary of Ultra Mobile. The brands will operate as a separate business unit, according to T-Mobile, with founders David Glickman and Rizwan Kassim being brought to the company to continue managing Mint and Ultra. Ryan Reynolds will also remain involved with Mint in a “creative role.”

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