YouTube Music will soon let you drift off to your favorite podcast

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- I am trying to decide whether to use the "Cocoa Diner" brand, or to create a new one. I am also starting to look into hosting the new site. I don\'t want to make a heavy commitment, and am happy to discuss other options.

I am still working on the new blog - I have another post in the works. I will probably release

Preparations for podcast support are well underway

In particular, the strings now feature a reference to the ‘music’ category, which has been a feature of the app since launch. This category has previously been used for video content, but now appears to be reserved for new podcasts.

The strings also mention a feature called ‘Podcast Recommendation’, which suggests podcast content related to the audio playing on

Google Podcasts is on its last legs, and YouTube has confirmed its intentions to take the mantle focusing freshly on long form content in YouTube Music. There isn’t yet any direct evidence of these moves on the YouTube Music app interface, but in-development code strings within the latest app update offer some insight into Google’s work towards supporting podcasts behind the scenes.

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