Android 14 will let you know when your battery is super low

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If you still can't find it, your phone will be silenced.

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A new 2% alert will give you one last chance to find your charger

New design

Android 14 is a modern version of the OS, and that means it’s going to have a new design. As we reported before, Android 14 will be the first version of Android to use the Material Design guidelines, which were introduced by Google last year. That means it’s going to look different than any version of Android we’ve ever seen — and from what we’re

Now that the developer preview for Android 14 is out, we’re learning more and more about what to expect from the next version of the OS, including a new tidbit we picked up today about battery life — and specifically, when you’ll get an alert that you’re running out of it. If you’re one of those folks who likes to live life on the edge, with Android 14 you’ll see a “Very low battery” notification when you have just 2% battery life left, as sort of a last-ditch attempt to get you to plug in your device before it shuts down.

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