Motorola’s next Razr might have a slight, yet confusing, branding change

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The Razr was the first phone that was designed to work with a foldable screen, but it was a flop. (Motorola has confirmed to BGR that the Razr name is being retired, and that the new foldable phone will be called the Razr.) The company knew what people liked about the RAZR, and that was its full-size, 16:9 display. So Motorola largely kept that display, but with a sl

Motorola ventured into foldable phones for the first time in 2019, with the launch of the Motorola Razr. It was a phone that not only rode on its futuristic screen, but also on nostalgia — it was designed to evoke comparisons to the legendary RAZR flip phone launched in 2004. Down the road, though, Motorola realized nostalgia wasn’t enough, with Samsung’s clamshell foldables (the Galaxy Z Flip series) being largely considered a superior product. They were among the best Motorola phones, but clearly changes were needed. Motorola shifted its strategy with last year’s Razr entry, and now, 2023’s new Razr is coming with a lot of changes once again — including a minor branding tweak. The Motorola Razr+ will share the same design as the Razr, but will have an OLED display and will be water resistant. The main advantage of this phone is that it will have a 3D display, which means you can use it as a virtual keyboard.

Lenovo’s CEO, Ricketter Yang, has also mentioned that the Razr will have a lower power consumption feature, which means the phone will be able to last 1

MySmartPrice has published some information about the 2023 Motorola Razr, which Lenovo’s CEO has confirmed will launch very soon. If this source is anything to go by, Motorola will launch this device as the Razr+ instead of the Razr.

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