The best robot cleaner money can buy


This is a photo of the new S8 Pro Ultra model. It is in the development stage, but still in the early stages of testing.


What is this thing?


This is a robot, but not a normal robot. This is a smart robot. It is a next-generation

This spring, new models of robot vacuums have a camera that gives them the ability to locate their charging station, as well as map out the space they are cleaning. These are the most advanced robot vacuums. The Roomba i7 is the latest and greatest from iRobot, and uses a combination of sensors, computer vision, and deep learning to keep track of the room it is cleaning, then send real-time updates to the app.

When robot vacuums first launched, they were clumsy and happily bumped into furniture and walls to try to find their way around while cleaning. They could only vacuum, with limited suction power and efficiency, and came with a small base that served only for charging.

One of the cool things about this article is that the author, Jake VanderPlas, is also an astrophyics professor and has written a series of articles

They have greatly evolved over the past few years, with the most advanced models now able to mop the floors and clean themselves autonomously. This last part is why I initially gave up on robot vacuums until new, fully autonomous models made me reconsider my choice.

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