What’s new in Android 13 QPR3 Beta 1

Scrolling in web apps is buggy

Affected platforms:

Android (13 and 14)

Fixed in: Release

Description: Scrolling in web apps is buggy.

See also: Android 13

Google’s beta programs have become outright confusing for anyone who doesn’t follow too closely. The company is currently testing the next big release of its mobile operating system, Android 14, which is now in its developer preview phase. Google is also at it with Android 13 betas, though, which it uses to test its quarterly Pixel Feature Drops. Since the March Feature Drop went live for everyone, the next in line is the June Feature Drop, and as such, Google has started its Quarterly Platform Release 3 (QPR3) beta for Android 13 on March 15. Here is everything new in this release. 3rd: Android 13 release.

Performance: The app drawer opens and closes at a much smoother rate. Now the app drawer can be quickly opened or closed with a flick of the finger or a swipe.

The app drawer is not a modal dialog

1st: Previous versions. 2nd

The app drawer animation is much smoother

1st: Previous versions. 2nd: Android 13 QPR3.

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