YouTube TV now costs more than twice as much as it did at launch

That’s already the third price increase for the service since the new year, though it’s still far from the cheapest option. You can still get cheaper plans from YouTube TV’s competitors, including Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, both of which cost $20 a month. YouTube TV could be in a position to demand even higher prices, too, as the company is reportedly considering launching an

Cord-cutters looking for their fix of traditional media are in for a little sticker shock, as YouTube TV is about to get a bit pricer. Google announced plans today to raise the price of the streaming service $8, making the cost of its base plan jump from $65 to $73 a month, more than double the $35 it went for when it launched in 2017. There are no changes to your YouTube TV membership duration

YouTube TV was introduced for Android TV earlier this year, with a big focus on simplicity and user choice. You can watch on any device that supports Google Cast, and there’s no need to worry about new networks as YouTube TV brings the best of Google’s existing services and technology to your TV. Google even recently made a big push to bring YouTube to smart TVs, so you won’

If you’re a new customer you’ll get that new price today, while existing customers won’t see their bills go up until after April 18th. If you currently have a paused YouTube TV account you’ll get charged the new amount when you unpause your membership.

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