Best smartwatches for fitness in 2023

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The Amazfit Pace is another good option, but a more affordable option is the Mi Smart Band 4.

If you’re looking to go even more high-tech, the Amazfit Bip might be the right choice for you. Thanks to some nifty sensors, it’s not only compatible with GPS, but also with low-light vision. That should help you in your quest for a sober self. Then again, you could always just

Whether you’re obsessed with the gym or just interested in getting a little healthier, smartwatches have become an invaluable accessory. Pretty much all of them now come with heart-rate monitors, and plenty include GPS trackers, which is a great start for runners and cyclists. We also recommend that you check out our guide to the best smart watches - they’re not just for fitness, these are smartwatches that you can use anywhere.

Our selection of the best smartwatches includes the Apple Watch Series 4, Garmin Forerunner 245 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Check out the best smartwatch for any budget:

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