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Samsung’s One UI 5.1 is an extension of Android 13, and as such it’s been slowly making its way to more and more devices. The first phones to receive the software were the Galaxy S23 and S21, which launched with One UI 5.1, but there’s still much to learn about the platform. In this first look at One UI 5.1, we

Android 13 first landed on Google’s phones, but it’s far from a Pixel exclusive these days. By the numbers, more people will experience the newest version of Android on a Samsung phone than on a Google device. One UI 5.1, Samsung’s newest Android 13-based software experience, debuted on the Samsung Galaxy S23 series and has since made its way to phones in the Galaxy S22 and S21 series, among others. Wondering what the deal is? Here’s everything we know about One UI 5.1.

You can see the timeline of all the major One UI updates here.

The latest two major One UI updates were both released with Samsung’s latest flagship phones, the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy S10. This article focuses on

What is Samsung One UI 5.1?

One UI is Samsung’s suite of customizations to Android, its software skin. Since One UI’s introduction in 2018, each numbered Android release has also seen a major One UI update. One UI 1 was based on Android 9, the One UI 2 update was based on Android 10, and so on. One UI 5 was based on Android 13, and One UI 5.1 is a minor update on that foundation, but still based on Android 13.

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