YouTube Music now lets you know who is behind your favorite songs


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Récupérer le son d'une vidéo sur YouTube est assez simple. Tout ce que vous avez à faire est de copier le lien de la vidéo, de l'insérer dans une barre de recherche

, but iTunes is now joining in. The update will allow music labels to add songs to Apple Music collections for the first time, and to share artists, albums, and playlists with other users. It’s not clear if labels have been given the opportunity to do this before, but now they’ll be able to add content directly to a user’s account.

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Song credits have been around on apps like Spotify and Tidal for a few years now

“You’re good, Google,” user “Ricty” wrote on the Google Play Music subreddit. “Just started using GMusic, and noticed an option for artist credits. Yay! Hope this will be rolled out to everyone soon!”

The user even included a

The music industry has long been at odds with streaming services. While issues with royalties appear to have been resolved for now, there are some areas where musicians still need to contend with music streaming giants, including for something as basic as recognition. Apps like Spotify and Tidal offer detailed song credits for each track, allowing listeners to know who’s behind the magic. But the feature has been missing from YouTube Music, Google’s premier music streaming service, which has over 80 million paying subscribers, with the number only expected to grow given the highly anticipated pivot to podcasts. After years of support forum requests about artist credits, the tide has finally turned, with one user seeing the feature in their app.

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