Best budget Android phones 2023


The Pixel 4 comes in just over 6 inches, and it’s the smallest of the Pixel lineup. There’s a 5.7” display on the Pixel 4a, and an even larger 6.3” display on the bigger phones. Pixel 4’s display is nearly bezel-less, while the Pixel 4a’s display is much larger — the Pixel 4a doesn’t

These are our favorite cheap phones right now. We’re not talking about the “cheapest” phones. Rather, they’re the ones we recommend to our readers when they ask us, “Which cheap Android phone should

It wasn’t long ago that buying a budget smartphone meant you were probably in for a bad time: crummy performance, paltry update support, and maybe even Micro-USB charging (the horror!). These days, not so much. Some of the best cheap Android phones start under 200 bucks, and they’re not that different from the absolute best Android flagship phone we recommend. There’s something for everyone here — from the super cheap to the super expensive.

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If you’re looking for a smartphone that isn’t going to break the bank, we’ve assembled some of our favorite low-cost devices below.

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