How to like text messages on your Android phone

Text messaging

You can text a message to an employee or sub-contractor of your choice.
Texting an employee or sub-contractor is the same as calling them.

With message reactions, you can react to a message by tapping the thumbs up button, which then displays the thumbs up emoji in your message. If you’re on an iPhone, you can use the Message Reactions app, which lets you react to messages and post

Texting has become the preferred form of communication among smartphone users. You may love texting because it’s fast, easy, and asynchronous, allowing you to correspond on your terms. Texting also keeps a history of your chats, so you can look back to see any information you need. Seeing its popularity, Google introduced several new features with its RCS messaging standard, which works on most of the best Android smartphones. One of those new features is message reactions, which allows you to like text messages on Android.


Step 1: Go to your Android devices’s “Settings” menu. Then scroll down to the “Messaging” option and select it.


Step 2: Open the &

Even if your phone does not support Google’s RCS messaging standard by default, you can enable RCS in the app settings and set it as your default messaging app to use this feature. In this guide, we show you how to like text messages on Android.

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