In typical fashion, Google’s set to kill another project soon

The way it works?


A source close to the project tells TechCrunch that ATAP is planning to close down the Soli and Jacquard team by the end of this year. The app was only available in the US and Japan, and the company never expanded past those two markets, with the Jacquard product being sold in all of the ATAP’s retail stores and through its own website. When reached for comment, a Google spokesperson told us that the company had

The Google Advanced Technology and Projects division, more commonly referred to as ATAP, has been responsible for a handful of eye-catching showstoppers with the Soli radio system and the wardrobe-focused Jacquard being two of them. Both were announced in 2015 and reached the markets a couple of years later, with Jacquard giving us some of the most unexpected collaborations, including with apparel maker Levi’s and luxury fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent — the former bringing us some trendy smart tracker-equipped jackets, while Adidas launched Jacquard tags meant for the insoles of soccer cleats. But after staying relatively quiet since these partnerships — barring the 2019 release of two new Jacquard/Levi’s jackets — it looks like the end is near for the project and the corresponding companion app.

We thank our users for their support and app usage. We have a new Jacquard for Home product on the way. Stay tuned for updates.

Jacquard was acquired by Apple in 2017.

Of course, there’s still a Jacquard logo on the Jacquard website, but beyond that, it’s difficult to find

The latest iteration of the Jacquard app for Android pretty much spells out the end for the project. Even if you don’t have the app, it doesn’t appear to be a secret with the What’s new section on the Play Store stating as much:

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